Eyes of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

False.  It isn’t.  Can we please throw this out the window?  When you first hear this, it sounds like a good thing.  Meaning beauty is subjective.  To one person beauty may be different than it is to another. But is it really?  Do we truly believe that?  Sure doesn’t seem like it.

Last night, Victoria’s Secret put on a fashion show for the entire world to see (Insert a Victoria and her secret [or lack thereof] joke here).   And twitter blew up.  The Internet probably did too.  I didn’t see it.  And not to say I turned my back or refused to watch, I simply had plans.  Honestly, if I had been home and been without plans, I probably would have tuned in at least for a little bit.  What bothered me the most though, were just all the comments and thoughts on twitter.

***Before I continue, I want to say, I am not trying to be THAT guy.  I’m not trying to be a night in shining armor or anything.  I’m not trying to be all holier than thou.  These are just my thoughts on how we reacted to this.***

Back to this beauty thing, if we truly thought beauty was subjective, would we have fawned over and drooled over these girls as much as we did?  No.  We are moving dangerously close to setting those “Angels” as the standard for women.  Wow.  That’s sad.  Those made up, dolled up women, in a few shreds of fabric… that’s our standard?  Men… come on.  We’ve got to be better than that.  That is not true beauty.

I’m not bashing these women.  I know they worked hard to achieve the bodies they have.  I’m sure they hit the gym daily.  I’m sure they eat a healthy diet.  And yes, they are incredibly beautiful.  But they are beautiful in the same way that every other woman is.  They are the artwork, the masterpieces of an amazing Creator.  That in and of it self makes a woman beautiful.  In my opinion, beauty is not subjective.  Beauty is absolute.  You are beautiful because you were created by the One who doesn’t make junk. You don’t have to achieve that beauty.  You are born with it.

Also, you don’t have to wear just underwear to be beautiful.  Why is that so acceptable?  Why does that make a woman more sexy? We don’t walk around like that.  We cover up. But it’s perfectly okay to look at and fawn over these women on TV?  We are really trying to kill modesty; hopefully it isn’t already dead.  I’m not going to be all cliché and say modest is hottest, but it is.  Do you know how attractive it is to think about the fact that my wife is waiting?  Waiting for me.  By that happening, she is saying she values me that much.  And the same goes for me.  By waiting for her, I’m letting her know I value her that much, to only share that intimate time with her.  And not to condemn those who have already crossed that line.  Believe me, I’ve made my share of mistakes, and I’m not devaluing you who have gotten physically intimate with someone.  I’m just saying that you don’t have to take your clothes off to be beautiful.  Even if the world is saying that.

Final thoughts and I’m done.  Let’s please try and be careful here.  We cannot redefine what beauty is.  It’s absolute.  God created you and He created me.  He did not make a mistake.  In His eyes, we ARE worth SO much.  You know how I know that?  Because you can tell the value of something by the price someone is willing to pay for it.  God sent His only son for us.  THAT is how much we are worth to him.  Enough that he would give up his son for you and for me.  Women, stop settling for guys who aren’t worth it.  And guys, act like men, not boys, pursue her because she is beautiful and treat her like a princess.  Because she is the daughter of a king.  And You, men, are also royalty.  Sons and heirs to the throne.  Act like it. Women and even men… you are truly beautiful.  That’s not subjective, it’s absolute. And it’s not in the eye of the beholder; it’s in the eye of the creator. (I heard this recently from a mentor of mine, not my original thought).

I’m not writing all this because I am above it, or better, or like some kind of awesome guy, or trying to win your brownie points.  I’m writing this because I used to encourage this way of thinking, and I’m tired of it.  I used to believe beauty was subjective and this is just something that has changed in my mind and I wanted to share it.  And again, this is just all my individual thoughts and opinions.  I’m not trying to stir controversy or make anyone upset or bash Victoria’s Secret or those who watched.  I am just expressing my thoughts about beauty and what I believe it truly is.  And maybe I am totally off base and  completely wrong.  Maybe that explains why I’m single… who knows.  Anyways, I’d love for you comment your thoughts, just keep it respectful.  Thanks for reading.

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