It’s a Mess

A few years back I wrote about how the Christmas story was actually quite different than we hear about in Sunday School.  There wasn’t a neat organized little barn with hay bales and animals sleeping quietly.  There was a teenage girl, her young husband, a feeding trough, and what was probably more like a dugout area of a hill or cave where animals seek shelter.  It was much messier and dirtier than it seems.  Not exactly the entrance that you think the King of Kings would make.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I think Christianity is the same way.  It’s a lot messier and dirtier than we make it out to be.  I think sometimes as Christians we do a really good job trying to hide our issues and problems.  By no means am I suggesting that we glorify those things, but I mean let’s be honest, we are a broken people.   Let’s stop trying to hide the fact that we are messed up.   We don’t have it all together.  I think the world sees that but gets frustrated by the fact that we try to hide it or pretend that everything is okay.   We’ve got to stop hiding the fact that we are broken. 

 My life is so messy at times, and I’ve done a really good job at hiding that in the past.  For the longest time throughout high school, I struggled with identity issues and issues of pride.  But nobody would have ever known that because I faked it really well.  I wasn’t very good at being real with people.  Because of that, I felt like I alienated myself.  I tried to pretend everything was fine and that I had it all together.  We need to stop being like this and start being real.  Real people leave real impact.

 That being said, we cannot just sit in our messiness and filth.  We have to realize that, yes we are broken and messy, but we are not called to dwell in that.  We are called to walk in grace.  We are called to live for something more.  We are called for a purpose.  And that purpose is not to sit in our filth.  That purpose is not to hide our filth and fake that we are all good.  That purpose is to realize that we are filthy, but surrender everything to a creator who loves us no matter what.  That’s right no mater what.  Where we have been, what we have done, it doesn’t matter.  He still loves us through the mess.  That is the beauty in Christianity. 


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