Two Becoming One

*Just a heads up, sappy post alert.  You’ve been warned.

In case you don’t know me at all, or haven’t heard me talk about it, I’m engaged.  Engaged to a woman so wonderful and so beautiful, it’s actually shocking. That happened on October 12, 2017, which was the greatest day of my life… up until March 18, that is.

And of course, I get asked this question a good amount: “Are you ready for marriage?”  And I understand the context of that question.  Anticipation is building… it’s almost here, so of course, I’m ready.  But am I ready in that context of being prepared? Different question, entirely.  And much as I can be ready, I guess I am.  But let’s be honest.  Has any engaged couple actually been 100% ready to get married?  Probably not.  I mean there will be so many situations and circumstances that take place in a marriage that simply won’t happen during an engagement, so to an extent, I would venture to say that some of marriage is going to be learning as we go.  And for those of you who are married, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I’m thankful for the authors of the books that we have read as we prepare for not only our big day, but our future life together. I’m thankful for the married couples who have given us some incredible advice.  I’m thankful for the mentors I have who have marriages that I could model my own after.

And one day, I pray that Leah and I could be a couple that other younger couples could look up to.  Now I know that will not come naturally.  The Honeymoon stage of our marriage will wear off and loving each other becomes a little bit more difficult.  That’s where the rubber meets the road.  There will be days where I know I will drive Leah crazy, but I’m also confident that she will offer me grace and will continue to love me, despite my irritability or attitude.  And I’m sure there will be days where I will come up short of being the husband I should be, but I will find new ways to love and appreciate Leah. 

As Leah and I get closer and closer to our lives fully aligning, we are understanding more and more about each other every day.  But one thing I think we understood from the very beginning, is the one thing that I think will help us love each other more and more each day.  It’s Jesus.  From early on in our relationship, we talked about how Jesus was, is, and forever will be the center of our relationship.  And there have been moments in our relationship, where we forgot that.  We failed. We aren’t perfect, nor will we claim to be.  And there will probably be more moments throughout our life where we will come up short.  But, we know this, we are always going to come running back to him.  Whether we take a foot of the path, or take a large detour, we are always going to run back to Him. And I think that concept, for Leah and I, it’s what is at the heart of our relationship.  We love each other, because Jesus loved us first.  I will put Leah’s needs over my own, because Jesus showed us sacrificial love.  Leah is going to love me when I’m at my worst, because Jesus loves us unconditionally.

Today, I heard a song that made me pretty emotional, which considering where I’m at in my life, that makes sense.  The song is called, Two Becoming One, by Jonathan and Emily Martin.  The lyrics brought me to my knees.  It is everything I pray Leah and I will be.  Here is the chorus:

We are two becoming one

May what He’s joined be not undone

May our love put Christ on display

When we’re weak and when we’re strong

When it’s hard to carry on

Oh God we want Your love on display

Oh God we want Your love on display

I would recommend you give a listen to the entire song, it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ll post the link below.  And if you are attending a specific wedding in Raleigh, NC on March 18, you can be assured you will probably hear it again.

Here are few more thoughts I have as I approach what I believe will be some of the happiest and most exciting times in my life.  When we watch movies, they depict love as this wonderful grandiose, over-the-top, poetically beautiful fairytale.   And unfortunately, that’s just not the case.  That’s not love in real life…

Because love is so much bigger and better than that.  A fairytale doesn’t do it justice.  A movie seems tame compared to what love actually is.  And the only reason Leah loves me like she does, is because of Jesus.  He loves her and he loves me so much.  That’s unbelievable.  It’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout my engagement.  I’m constantly reminded of his love for me because of how He created Leah and brought her into my life at the exact right time.  I had no idea at the time Leah and I started dating that within eight months I would be terminated from a job and uproot my life to Ohio.  But He knew and it was all part of His plan.  He knew that Leah would be able to walk alongside me and encourage and support me in exactly the way He knew I needed it. When I was at my lowest, when I questioned my own purpose in life, He reminded me just how much He loves me and still had a plan for me.  A plan for me to go north, and to eventually bring one of His beautiful daughters with me.  In just 33 days, I get to call his daughter, my wife.  And I couldn’t be more excited for that. 

We covet your prayers.  Adjusting to everything.  A new job for Leah. A new chapter for us.  A new adventure.  And that is what it will be.  We are loved by God, who created adventure.  And showed us what love really is.  I pray that we can show others that same love through our marriage.

Here we are

We’re Yours and Yours alone God

Here we are

May what You’ve joined be not undone

We want

The world to see Your love through Us

We want

More of You

Two Becoming One



One thought on “Two Becoming One

  1. That’s a beautiful post, Red. I’m confident that as the two of you continue to build your relationship, and ultimately your marriage, around Christ, that He will manifest Himself in and through your lives, and continually bond the two of you closer to one another and to Him! I love you, and I’m looking forward to the big weekend!


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