What’s the point of this blog?

This blog originally was kept up for family and friends to follow my journeys with BigStuf Camps and the Daraja Choir, when I was in college, but it has turned into something more for me.  For me now, this is a place where I just go to write and think.  It isn’t about views or clicks.  Personally, I don’t desire that, nor do I ever really expect a whole lot of people to visit the blog all that often.  This is a place where I can share my thoughts, and potentially open up discussions about life.  Because life can be so incredibly amazing.  And I want to share in that with other people.  Whether it’s one person or one thousand.  Doesn’t matter.  If I can encourage someone with a story or thought, then my mission is accomplished.  So really, there isn’t much of a point of this except to share, open up discussion, and hopefully encourage people.


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